I’m a nursing student (BScN) and I hate it!

So, I basically only went into this program because my parents wanted me to and it was all about “you’ll find a job afterwards.” Yeah.. wonderful, whatever happened to do what makes you happy and worry about money later? Guess they left that one out. I’m so sick of the c*** I have to put up with. Essay upon essay, research upon research. It’s like. .crazy and I hate it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m doing very well and i’m top of my class in all science courses, however there’s not enough! I am not a caring, holistic, psychosocial person, I’m a math/science and analyitical person. So this is all BS to me and not the BS I like, the BS that’s s***.
I do clinical shifts at long term care facilties and I hate it! I have to feed people and clean their butts. Like how degrading is that. they say “oh nursing has come a long way” blah blah, then why make us do this? I wanted to take Forensic science, long cry from nursing. And I’m hating every moment of this. And I’m only second sem! All my professors say that i’m such a bright student and that they want to see me graduate here but i don’T even wanna see myself graduate! I’m so sick of it already. I don’t even dare tell my parents how I feel. Oh and then the crap essays we have to write about how we feel and how we communicate. Umm.. yeah, no this is crap. NOTE TO ALL, DO NOT BE A NURSE! Well.. i shouldn’t say that, nurses are important, if you like helping people then go for it, but anyone who is into science and math like myself, STAY AWAY! You’re better off doing a general BSc degree and then if you want medicine apply for doctor, or vet or something like that, skipping the nursing stage because nursing = s*** cleanup.