The Disappointments of the Reality Shock in Nursing

I’ve been a CNA for eight years at the same nursing home, and I love my job. So it seemed only natural that I should go to nursing school. 3 years and $40,000 in debt, and I think I’ve made a terrible mistake.

I really, really, really, hate nursing. Everything that I love about my job as a CNA – the patient contact, the grateful families, etc. – simply does not exist in the clinical situation. Instead, I pass meds, do assessments, and chart. That’s it. There is no time to talk to the patients in order to get to know them; it’s get ‘em in, get ‘em out, and make sure they pay before they go. I have had more lessons about how much medical supplies cost than about anything else since starting nursing school.

Someone once told me that “nurses eat their young” and I now know this to be true. How can nurses be so evil to each other? What’s the point? I’m just so disgusted with the whole idea of nursing that I don’t ever want to step foot in another hospital again.