The Never Been Told Nursing Horror Stories

I’m currently on my 4th semester of nursing school and like many postings here, i love what nursing implies and obviously i want to help people and make a difference but i have been discouraged since i started nursing school despite how hard i have worked only to be disappointed. i’ve realized that in this profession you are truly by yourself and no one will back you up, as i don’t expect to be babied but i quite frankly didn’t expected to be sabotaged by the staff either. i agree with a lot of horror stories about nursing here because i have seen them time and time again. reading these stories makes me rethink if i indeed want to be a nurse, not because of the hard work it implies but mainly because i’m not willing to sacrifice my integrity. nurses are indeed overworked but to many, this is no excuse to make errors, well i guess whomever is free of guilt should cast the first stone. as a student i prepare for the patients one day before by reading the complete charts but once you become an RN, you don’t do this and basically any information you get in report is very minimal compared to the chart information and some things are lost in translation pretty much like when a story gets passed around 10 people, the meaning is lost.

Most institutions are more concerned with charting on time which takes away from actual nursing care because everyone is too afraid of not documenting due to law suits. for those nurses that are perfect and free of fault, checking dosages and contraindications for patients receiving 15 medications is not very realistic especially when you have 4 or more patients on a med/surg floor. i agree that i am a novice but judging from what i have read here and seen personally this a persistant problem. i am not attempting to make excuses for inadequacies and/or errors, i’m simply stating that nursing is a very hard job that can sometimes seem thankless. for any person out there looking to go into nursing school and then nursing, be aware that no matter how hard you try, you may not win. be prepared to work very hard and 10 times even more. currently i think the whole nursing school program sucks because in my experience there is no consistency and every instructor tells you different things and rules. just be aware of what they (instructors) tell you, because you really should trust no one. today, i gave a PO dose which was seven times the allowed dosage, i checked the lyte labs and indeed they were below normal, the MD was called and said to proceed in giving it, i was told to give the med, then when the pharmacy said it was too high, i had by then given it and of course, she denied telling me to do this. i was mortified and dissapointed. luckily this person was being diuresed and the plan was to ensure this high a dose which was backedup with another order later. reading these other horror stories is making me think if all this is worth going over and how even postgrad i will encounter even more. I have sacrificed so much and would hate to see it go to waste but i would not forfeit my sanity.