Why Drive Thru Workers Deserve Respect….Taco Bell Employee

I often hear people say, about people they work with who are bad at their jobs, “He’s better off working in the drive thru at [insert fast food joint here]“. I used to feel the same way, but now I realize, from working at a Taco Bell drive thru that it is hard work that requires skill.

This is especially the case in one window drive thrus such as mine. Here’s what makes it difficult. I have to listen to customers who are at the menu board, take their orders, enter them into one computer, while at the same time helping another customer at the window, taking their money, handing out their change, pouring drinks, putting things in bags, and handing out food. Yes, I must do all those things simultaneously. No, I do not frequently get help unless it is super busy and I beg the manager to send someone to help me.

Now I should mention the complicating factor called “Sepeed with Service” aka SWS. This means that I have a set amount of time to take the order at the menu board, and I have a set amount of time to take the person’s money at the window, hand out their change, and give them their food and drinks. I have 50 seconds to take the order at the menu, and 60 seconds to have them out of the drive thru after they pull up to the window. I am supposed to make 60% of the cars in the required time limits.

Please explain to me why and how it is reasonable to require ONE person to do ALL of the above mentioned tasks AT THE SAME TIME under the above mentioned time constraints.

Please also explain to me why the old woman that works there gets to work only at the front counter and is exempt from DT while everyone else has to work DT.

They yell at you when you’re too slow. Then they yell at you if your drawer is short…hmm well maybe if I didn’t have to count back the change at 90 mph, I wouldn’t have that problem.

I have applied at numerous other places and none have contacted me. Therefore I don’t see much hope of getting a new job for a while. I am almost 18 and I am a senior in high school. I want to work in health care and have applied to several colleges, so I know I will eventually, someday, have a better job.