The Effects of the Changing Times to the Nursing Mandates

I have been a nurse for 37 years. I can’t retire yet because I’ve worked in nursing homes and I don’t have a retirement plan.

Nursing has changed so much in the last few years, I would advise anyone not to pick this profession. The state dictates the work and workload (amount of people needed to do the job). This is supposed to be based on level of care needed per resident, BUT it is based on how much money the state has to put into health care facilities. In other words, maybe a nurse could deliver good care to 25 or 30 residents, BUT the state may say 70. They expect the nurse to deliver the same care regardless if she has 25 or 70. She (or he) has to sign the same paperwork and complete work on same time frame (which can not be done). If you miss a signature according to the state, it’s not done. The state enforces these rules and fines the Health Care Facility¬†if all the t’s aren’t crossed. The ADM of the Health Care Facility is usually punitive to floor nurse if there are errors. After all, ADM wants her money and bonus.

Right. How misleading !!!! What ever happened with caring about the people? Boy, have times changed.