Case Management Assistant – Awesome Job But..

I’ve held other jobs after the one I’m writing about now. I was a case management assistant, and it was the BEST job ever except people ruined it! If i had to work for a big organization and put up with the p.c. crap THAT still was the only job that would make me do it again. Don’t get me wrong, the pay was more than decent, but it was hard work – sometimes assisting doctors, RNs, case managers, AND the patients, AND their families on 4 floors and still having to manage to pull off that discharge to wherever the patient was going, AND make everyone happy.

The beginning of the end came about as so. Just let me say I loved the RNs I worked with… well, most of them. There was a traveling RN that asked me why the hell i was so happy all the time. I just nodded and drooled like a moron till she left the room. Then, I turned to a co worker and said, “I’m happy cuz I’m not HER.”

That stuff started happening to all of us. We’d get in trouble for making a noise, for being too “hyper” for “smiling too much” for talking too “loudly”; all the time being told to interact and be friendly. I know the difference between being professionally friendly and acting like we were at a bar – and I’m not saying I didn’t screw up once in a while. But I was good at my job – my bosses, coworkers, and patients were happy with me… most of them. Turns out someone can complain about you and say you did…WHATEVER… and like a witch hunt – you’re burnt at the stake on a whisper.

A really funny thing happened to me over a weekend and knowing that it wasn’t appropriate I only told a few coworkers (behind closed doors) what happened and we all shared a laugh. FIVE days later my supervisor calls me in and says that I was heard “retelling my story in front of patients and their families, which by my understanding of geographic locations, would have put me smack dab in the hallway… with the bedpans and wheelchairs. Of course, I didn’t even ask who would have stretched the truth in that direction to begin with – I wouldn’t have gotten an answer – but all I know is that for the first time EVER in my 20 plus time out on the workforce I got written up on a lie.

When another company headhunted me, I applied. When they gave me what I asked for salary wise, I left. But that experience revealed to me at last how the the world works.