Geeks On Call Not Changing with the Times

The first 3 years were fun, enjoyable, and challenging! The call center was bustling, and we were expanding rapidly. We went from 10 customer service reps to 30 in 3 years! Geeks On Call had calls that were coming in and we were making appointments left and right… then last November we all heard a “crash” of the stock market.

Calls started dwindling… the calls vs appointments (conversion rate) started dropping. So I created a database for customers declining appointments for a variety of reasons. I created this so Corporate could maybe adjust the rates that were offered to the customer in certain zip codes.

Have they done anything with the data that’s provided to them?… NO.. NOTHING OF THE SORT .. they haven’t even touched the rates. In fact we are still quoting the standard $145-$250 flat rate which we started quoting in 2004!!

I’m guessing the managers in corporate are looking at the economy thru rose colored glasses while on the phones customers are saying “that’s too expensive” or “I can almost buy a new computer for that!”

Meanwhile, we have reduced our call center down to 10 customer service reps, we have actually physically closed the call center and everyone is working at home. We’re only making an average of 50 appointments a day compared to 160 a day two years ago.

The ONLY reason why I’ve stayed so long is because of people in the call center. These guys bust there but day in and day out and they get frustrated when a customer calls into complain or when they’re unable to make that appointment. That tells me they care. GOC has a real good team in the call center… it’s a shame that the corporate bigwigs don’t see this.

Don’t expect this “Geek” company to be around much longer as they are too stubborn to adjust there rates for the changing times