Nurse of 24 Years….. I used to be a vivacious, happy, loving life perso

My name is Jane and I have been a nurse for 24 years. I feel depressed because of the awful career choice I made and no one ever prepared me for these horrors that being a nurse entales. Can I sue someone for THAT?!

First of all, I used to be a vivacious, happy, loving life person. Now I want to keep away and out of the publics view when I have a day off for fear of another undeserving, yes you heard me, undeserving person, to be given the benefit of my kick ass nursing skills should some one collapse when I am around.

Afer 24 years of working at a level I trauma center, I have developed some mighty fine skills. Few of which are deserving to the patients I see in our hospital. Most are liars, cheets, rapists, criminals,heroin and etc…addicts, and just mostly the worst type human beings that could inhabit this earth. I’d say about 2% of the people that filter throuugh there are actually worth the care. I for-go bathroom and lunch breaks on a regular basis due to my paients call bells going off endlessly and the lack of nurse assistants that really want to do the job they were hired for and possibly anser a few of those call bells. Sadly, most the people at my institution do not deserve medical treatment. Never in a million years thought I’d EVER feel, much less say that about another human being but the human beings I meet in my town are close to being pond scum and they do not appreciate the great nursing care they have in their own back yard.

I dont mind handling all their bodily fluids at all…..but when they are the low lifes of this earth well then I wish you had just dropped off the face of the earth and no one found your stoned ass “down” and saved you for the umteenth time after your cocaine, heroin or drunken binge.

Next, lets discuss upper management shall we? Will someone PlEASE tell me what they do to help? WHat do they do? I mean really? What do they do to help get the job done? What’s that? Nothing you say? You are absolutley right.In my opinion, If you are not directly in the trench to fight the war then you are just in the way of the people who are trying to. All your managerial jibberish is just that , Jibberish. SO, do us a favor all you desk nurses making decisions for us REAL nurses…..get a clue and keep your bright ideas to yourself because you really are useless to us direct patient care nurses. Sorry if that hurts but the truth does. Directors of nurses and the like…..get real. Get a clue. Your decisions are a joke. We don’t need you. Get some scrubs on and come to the floor where your nurses are drowning. Or are you afraid you might have to actually TOUCH a live person? If you got fear in your heart just thinking about that then you are not a nurse.

You are an obstacle. So thanks a lot for that. You just gave us yet another obstacle to climb over in this job of one problem after another.

I hate nursing and I do not recommend it to anyone. The biggest mistake of my life.

Nursing salaries, hourly wages totally suck for what we contend with. Ya know it’s bad when you don’t shave your legs on days you work for fear of nicking your skin to worry about getting somebody’s blood on you cause some asshole ripped out there I.V or some infectious person with Hepatits or AIDS spitting at you because the doctor dc’d their I.V dilauded and put them on oral pain killers. Yes, it is depressing since I have become a nurse and I am depressed. I know one entire medical unit where I work where the majority of nurses are medicated for depression and anxiety.I have discovered that the people we share this world with are darn right horrible and not deserving of the wonderful care I provide without fail. These are the same people that if I was found “down” would NOT call 911, but rather, would mug me for all I’ve got.

Thanks nursing school for NOT being honest with me about what this field entails and thanks board of nursing for getting paid for letting us rot here in this God forsaken profession and doing squat to help make it better.

Every day I have anxiety attacks that I have to suppress and just deal with all the crap on my work plate. I have found myself praying to God at night to just take me off this earth as my escape away from this awful awful career. I just cry and cry and cry and ask God what I did wrong in life to stuck in this sickening career.