Nursing Student….Not worth losing your sanity and happiness

I’m a nursing student who has had doubts about finishing the program.I was once so excited and passionate about it but my second semester i started to research other health associated fields. I started the program with some experience not as a cna or nurse but something close to it in a nursing facilty. There are a couple of things that I dont like about nursing and the nursing program.

One is that nurses and professors dont look happy they look so miserable. The professors are just down right rude. I had one talk to me like I was a child and looked me in my eyes with such hatred, and said “who told you to get up out of your seat, dont you get up out of your seat again you hear me.”I was shocked and speakless. two, in clinicals I see how much stress the nurses are because they are many patients family that are so quick to look for reasons to file a lawsuit and it takes away the caring concept of nursing. three, there is so much favortism toward certain students. lets just say that on tests some students pass when they weren’t suppose to. Oh, and think about reporting it,and chances of you passing the program is decreased to about 0%.

There are professors would look out and make sure you fail. I have a friend that is outspoken and hates injustice as much as I do but the only difference is that she voices it and she is afraid of finishing the program. And its not like you can transfer to another nursing program because you would have to start all over. I am really considering a career in dental hygiene but I hear that there are little jobs available. In my opinion there are so many other fields that pay good and gives you less stress and burnout.

Dont beleieve the hype, there’s a shortage, and pay good $$$, somethings are not worth loosing your sanity and hapiness.