Working at Mcdonalds Like a Slave

I worked for McDonald from 6/08 to 7/09 and it was the worst experienced of my life. I was 16 at the time I first got it. The store I worked in had NO AC so we would sweat in the summer especially if I was in the grill area.They would make me work 7 in the morning when I put on my application I wanted to work at 9. I was tired every single day of the week.They always had me waiting for me to go on break. Some days I never got break and I did an 8 hr shift. I got only 1 raise and it was 10 freakin CENTS! I finally quit I couldn’t take the stress. I’m jobless but honestly no job is better then slaving in Mcdonalds. I really do need a job because I’m starting college in September but I really cant take it.