Morrisons Supermarkets Employees are ALL Overworked

Once upon a time retail was a GOOD career, indeed having started at 17 years of age (I’m now 56), it has been my life. Until Morrisons took over Safeway! Now thank god I have taken early retirement.

The gentleman’s company of Allied Suppliers, better known to many as Lipton, Maypole, Galbraith, Templeton and in its latter years Presto & Safeway (due to buy outs) is but a historic memory.

Morrisons demand your life, Indeed only this week I have been told by store managers that they were called to a meeting and informed that if they have to work 16 hours a day, six days a week to keep their stores right, then they must do it, or suffer the consequences! A mass of senior managers have been given disciplinary warnings for extremely minor reasons. The purpose, they are either probably high earners (due to historic length of service) and the company wants rid of them, or their managers (the area managers & regional directors) fearing for their own jobs pass the fear – bullying culture down “just to keep them on their toes” I heard!

Safeway lost its way in the early 2000’s with the main board being run by financiers and not grocers. Sir Alasdair Grant was the last of a true breed. The Morrison take over may have been good for the consumer, but the worst possible result for the staff.

If you are thinking of career in retail, think very carefully about entering the food chain… If you do plan to rise fast, make your money and GET OUT. There are lots of GOOD retail companies… FIND THEM!