Nursing Means Voice of Hope and Encouragement, Passion and Disappointment

Dear colleagues (new and old),

I have been a nurse (and no I won’t reveal my level of education as I don’t believe that it designates my level of intelligence or commitment to our profession) for over 25 years. THERE IS ROOM FOR ALL OF US.

To my new sisters and brothers in the profession: WELCOME! Our patients need you! We need you! My only advice to you is to MENTOR, MENTOR, MENTOR!

Regardless, of the horrific treatment that you may have experienced from those who “eat the young” – do not become this. The nurses who participate in this dysfunctional practice care only about hiding their own deficiencies and they are becoming dinosaurs. It is just a smoke screen to intimate those who are smarter, more dedicated and ambitious.

Demand respect in a calm, professional manner – if not on your shift then demand it from your manager. If the manager feeds into this dysfunction then it is time to go.

Be courageous. YOU ARE NOT JUST A WARM BODY!! Risk other areas of nursing! Homecare and hospice are very fullfilling. Working nights to get on the day shift is worth the effort.

Being salaried and working prime hours looks attractive at first glance-but you may soon find that your staff make much more money than you do in overtime.

Try new things. If management works for you- GO FOR IT! If not, don’t hesitate to reinvent yourself. You will need to reinvent yourself multiple times in your career whether you want to or not.

You will ultimately need to decide if you are in the right job (which will change depending of the typical revolving door of management) regardless of the financial compensation verses the sense of accomplishment and ethics.

Your career will change from month to month depending on the changes in management and the resulting self fufillment.

THERE IS NO ABSOLUTE WRONG OR RIGHT. Only what is right for you, your patients, and your purpose for being a nurse.

Please know that you have not wasted your years of education, and or service. You are just not in the right niche.

If you limit yourself to a certain area, shift, level of self designated elevation in the profession, or are feeling abuse, under appreciated, and or desolate for having chosen this profession and having committed to an astronominical student loan – please know that you are not alone nor are you helpless.

Investigate your options. Can you get governmental loan forgiveness by working in an under served area? Perfection does not exist in nursing. Can you consider working in this arena for the time that it takes to forgive your loans?

If you live in an area that has multiple schools of nursing, with new graduates competing for jobs-can you consider getting your feet wet else where when the ultimate payoff is a year or two of forgiven loans that result in a career near home?

Sacrifices like these are worth considering. Nursing continues to evolve. Evolve with it! Be smart, professional and assertive without agression. Think out of the medcart! Experiment, take chances, and don’t settle for a job just to make ends meet.

The opportuites to have a fulfiling career and at the same time meet your financial obligations are out there.

Do what is best for you, and mentor, mentor, mentor.

Old fart yet new nurse everyday,