The Life of a Burnt Out Registered Nurse

I’ve been an RN for 23 miserable years now and I still do “floor nursing”. I recently quit a job because I got so angry and fed up with being abused, back stabbed, and being expected to take care of all of the heavy patients because I make more money. (I get paid more due to experience.)

Basically it is like this, I work the entire 12 hours have 4 to 5 med passes per night while the LPN and the Charge Nurse – glorified secretaries – are done and finished with their work and have had a super break by 10 pm. From this time on they play games on computers, read newspapers, work crossword puzzles, discuss fashion, etc. While the experienced RN works her butt off without any help from the other nurses who are using work time for recreation and getting paid for it!

Can anyone out there explain to me what I am experiencing and what I can possibly do to avoid this scenario? I want to quit nursing but don’t know what else to do for the same pay. Any¬†advice would help, thanks!