No Other Option than to Be a Walmart Cashier

I’ve only been a wal-mart cashier for a mere 7 months of my life. For some it may seem like 6.5 months too many. And I agree.

Living in a small town, it’s not like we have jobs jumping out of the bushes. If it wasn’t for the intense feet aches, the tendonitis, constant mental attacks from the customers, the heat with nothing but some epileptic seizure-causing fans for relief, the better than thou managers, low infrequent hours, and lowest possible wages, I’d love my job!!

So what keeps me you ask? Well, as I said, small town, if it wasn’t Wal-mart, it’d most likely be A&W or McDonalds.

The jobs that we DO have, are unlikely to hire anyone under the age of 30. I tried at Easy home, and they told me that I had the job and that I was starting on tuesday full time at $11 an hour. It was like an answer to my dreams. And then they told me at 19, I’m too young. As did many other people. At 27 hours a week at Walmart, I figure, hey, I can do much worse. So for now, I deal.