An All Around Exhausted Pizza Hut Worker

Well first let me start off by saying I really do love my job when I have the right amount of help that is required. Lets start with yesterday, so I walk into work cause I am supposed to work 4-1030. when I get there my boss says do you know why {} isn’t coming to work today? I said no but I’ll find out!

So i text her…she says her car isn’t working…which i know personally know is not!! so then I say why are you doing this? you not coming to work doesn’t affect you…it affects me!!! note: I’ve been covering for the other 3 servers for the past two weeks and I go to college full time too!!! so I really didn’t want to close that night!!! plus I had been coming in on my off day to make up for other people who called in for the past two weeks!! not to mention my back hurts so bad cause I had been working 3 days open to close!!!

So now i’m frustrated at everyone cause i just want my boss to hire people who come to work and ones who actually show up on time!!! It seems she takes forever just to hire someone…I know she has tons of applications on her desk so what’s the problem? I just want some adequate help!!! plus customers will get rude and consistently complain cause they have to wait to get service cause I’m just one person….

I have to be a cashier, waitress, run the drive thru and answer phones….and not to mention stock up the salad bar when stuff runs out…bust tables, wash the dishes!!!! it’s hard when there is just me!!!! and with people complaining about their wait I try to explain to them the situation but they don’t care!!! sometimes I seriously hate customers!!!! also for the past 2 weeks I have literally went home and cried and i mean balled because i was so stressed…i don’t know what to do anymore!!! does anyone have any advice that may help?