They’ve made dumb choices in trusting people…..Life in a Mexican restaurant

Well, for starters I didnt want to work there. My dad decided for me since he just sees me laying on the bed playing the doorway to hell (videogames..ala GTA4,CoD4 etc). I got the job right away with no questions asked.

My first day was a Monday. Got there 10min early at 8:50pm. They opened at 9. My boss, at that time, told me to stack up supplies. I was watching the supplies’ exp date cause some smelled bad and some were 3 years over! They had the flour with ripped holes. The fridge had flies inside. But suprisingly no one has complained since i’ve been there.

Selling the supplies to people is easy. Just say how much it costs and done. No tax no receipt, the machine is just there to hold the money. I forget sometimes the prices and just make them up. I give some candy to kids and friends. And i dont feel bad cause they pay me $30 a day! and i work 9 f***** hours! I havent complained cause well the food is free and its just on the weekends. Now i started working in the restaurant which is connected to the store.

Last summer wow, many many cockroaches were running everywhere. I learned to quickly smash one with my fingers before the customers saw them while they ordered. Some got on me, but i never saw one in the food. There were a few in the sodas and ice. The place is not in good shape. Food isnt in the right temparature settings and the stove is old with pieces coming off. My boss got replaced by his wife. They’ve made dumb choices in trusting people with the money orders and airplane tickets, yea we sell those. Me, i try to be as clean as possible which the workers who are way older than me see as weird.