Startup Development

We specialize in bringing good ideas to fruitition. If you have an idea for an internet site and a willingness to follow it through, we would urge you to get in contact with us as we can make it happen quickly and decisively.

We have experience accomodating a variety of business situations including:

* Full scale site production from concept to profitability.

* Prototype development for leverage in capital raising negotiations.

* Proof of concept for potential investors.

* Applying our expertise to existing sites in concert with in house technology staff.

Many projects can be completed in a matter of weeks, drastically reducing your time to market. Our work speaks for itself in terms of quality and proven success and we would urge you to visit some of our sites.

Below are some of the advantages which position us as the leader in high quality, efficient, startup development:

A Large Technological Library -We do not reinvent the wheel. There are a limited number of technical feats which need to be performed on most websites and we have code to do most of them. It may interest you to note that most of our below projects run on a single piece of custom built code with differentiations in graphics, database data, and a single initialization file. This means that a the technical side consists of the 3 simple steps of configuration, data entry, and graphic creation, all of which can be done concurrently.

A Diverse Geographic Structure -The technological base we use is ideally suited to our geographic structure. Everything can be broken into small definable projects and sourced to the most optimal place. Typical projects are marketed (both to consumers and investors) in the West while most of the technical work is done in better educated developing countries.

An Entrepreneurial Spirit -We do not do projects which we cannot get excited about. The intangible rewards which accompany startup development motivate us to perform at a consistently high level. The monetary reward, while important, is secondary and we will not take projects which we cannot put our hearts into, just for the sake of the bottom line.

A Single Point of Contact -Our projects always begin with our managing partner who outsources the work as appropriate. We set up decentralized structures, modelled on the open source model, creating self sustaining systems so that complexity is managed.

An Array of Skills – Since we don’t require most of our resources to report to an office and compensate them according to what they add, we are able to tap a much wider array of resources. At the same time, our base staff pulls from years of technological, marketing, and financial experience.

A Sense of Purpose – We believe that our most important asset is our sense of purpose. We see no reason to be rich and miserable and in any case, rarely do people who are miserable succeed. We believe in doing projects that are rewarding in and of themselves, and trust that our efforts will be rewarded.

Again, we would urge you to visit our sites below and judge our work first hand. Our methodology is not a fit for every idea or organization, but is ideal for many with similar values. If you contact us and there is no fit, we will let you know quickly and courteously, but for those projects which fit our technological and idealogical models, we can practically guarantee financial and emotional success.