I hate my hotel job……Hospitality employment

I have a hotel job at the front desk of a 200 room 2 star hotel. This place is a dump. We dont have a restaurant and we dont have mini-bars in the rooms. Our guests are cheap @$$holes who try to get 5 star service out of this 2 star hotel. The guests are not THAT bad, the problem is that hotel mangement gives us NO support whatsoever. The guest will yell and scream about getting all sorts of things for free. I do my hospitality job by making sure the guest pays for what they ask for (upgrades, late check outs, phone calls, etc.). Then the guest puts up an even bigger show and calls the manager. What does the manager do? He gives them whatever they ask for, for free. He doesnt even bother to say; “Well, my hotel employee did the right thing by trying to charge you for what you asked for/used, but I will adjust it off.” He makes us look like idiots. He has NEVER stood by us. I always look like I did something wrong in front of the guest.

What makes things WORSE, is that the Hotel General Manager married one of the employees. He allows her to work part time, but has the hotel pay for her insurance. He doesnt even support her when something goes wrong with a guest. This manager also has his favorites among his hotel employees. There are people who show up late to work, dont do their work and are complete messes when they deal with guests. Yet, he holds on to them, while I have to pick up after them.

Back to the lovely guests. All of our guests are bargain hunters. If they so much as get a wedgie in the taxi from the airport to the hotel, they WILL complain and DEMAND we do something to make up for that wedgie. I have had guests that complained about how someone bumped into them in the subway and that I have to do something to make them feel better. I once had a guy try to bring in a dog (we have a no pets policy) and I told him no pets. He was ready to sic his mutt at me. He called me every name in the book and practically jumped over the desk to hit me. Then, the next morning, he was complianing to the manager to get a room for free because he was treated wrong. And, of course the manager said nothing to show the guest I was doing the right thing by telling him no pets.

Its such a shame. This hotel could be so much better. The hotel management in charge do not care. So, I wont care. I am here for one reason only: The $550 dollars after taxes I make every week. From now on, I will let the people who “know better” take care for any problems.