Mcdonalds I’m lovin it commercial has it wrong…..crew person

I am 17 years old and have been working as a crew member at Mcdonalds queanbeyan (Australia) for around a year. I started working there beacause a freind of mine works there and told me about it and i needed some cash.

The crew people that work there are great and so are most of the managers but my main objection is that the conditions are crap. In short mcdonalds workers are exploited as you get paid very little for the amount of work you do, vastly overworked as they never have enough workers to keep up with the huge sales from customers.

pressurised into working faster working when you dont want to, working illegal hours which i have done on many many occasions eg 12 hour shift with 1/2 hour break, every weekend i would get 8 hour shift after school friday night and two more on the weekend maybe even longer, i dont ask to be worked that much i have a life.

I reckon i’ll quit soon. Its a dirty unhygenic mcdonalds resturant, they treat workers like machines only worrying about how to get food up the fastest,even if they food is crap, basically id better stop bitchin but just letting u know its really bad later