how do I become a clown?…….Clown looking for fame.

I’m a clown, stilt walker, a mime, a juggler,a pysical comedy actor, but most of all i’m a clown.

I used to build nuclar submarines, and i was golden glove champion of new enland, USA.

How do I become a clown? Ive been clowning since 1984, i left a great careee job, and hade no juggling skills at that time. I started two TV shows, and i wan’t a national show on NBC, or cable, or CBS, i think i’m ready. The only think that bothers me of having a clown job is you never know what money you make that week. I will never quit this live styl of being a clown performer.

The only other think, i would do, is to become a movie star like Red Skelton. I know ever partie, i do that child, and family member, will have memerios of me for the rest of their lifes.

I,m my own boss, i like this boss.

I’n the next 5 years i wan’t to have a national TV Show, called the Danoe the Clown Show, but differn’t from the Bozo Show. I work out of Providence Rhode Island mostly. I’m in the lryics of a song called Providence: a Renaissacne City, owner Ron Bianco.

Hears a veiws stories about me. Danoe in the News

Danoe the clown went around the world with associated press!

Daniel Mann from Providence, R.I., comes to 5th Ave. in New York, to watch the St. Patrick’s Day Parade Wednesday, March 17, 2004 wearing his best green.
(AP Photo)

March 17, 2004
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Meghan M. Conneely
Managing Editor The Irish Imirgrant Boston Mass
Another AP Story

“Danoe the Clown was on hand for the annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade in New York recently. He hails from Providence, R.I., where he is a full-time clown. Also known as Daniel Mann, he is a regular entertainer at the Irish Village in South Yarmouth, Mass. Catch him the week of April 19 through April 24, when he will be at The Village to entertain the younger guests. “

DAVID CASEY , Daily Times Staff Reporter 03/15/2004

“ARCTIC — “My name is Danoe the Clown,” says the parade’s only stilt clown as he stalks off the parade route late yesterday afternoon. “I’m Irish Catholic, I’m an ex-fighter.”

Danoe is a Providence native who says that the hard knocks he took in the ring have served him well in his 12-year career as a stilt-walking, juggling, clown-entertainer.”

Here Danoe is found in a Polish Newspaper

Tryouts Vie for Spots at Clown College: Danoe the clown shows off his ‘Choke on Cue’ Talents for Ringling Bros. For a chance to attend the world renowned Clown College and begin your clown career.