nursing sucks….RN

I have just left the nursing profession after 18 awful, frustrating years of being overworked, used and abused, and I am happier than I’ve been in years!

I would not tell my worst enemy to become an RN. After years of 12 hour shifts with no breaks (even if it were possible, only 30 minutes are allowed),
understaffing, and basically running damage control, I couldn’t take it any more.

I went into home health for the past few years and worked for several different companies; none provided a cell phone or even paid for mileage; we had to pay for our own CPR, fingerprinting, background checks, physicals, etc. even though there is a critical nursing shortage because NURSES DON’T COMOPLAIN ABOUT IT!

Fools. What other jobs require cell phones and driving upwards of 100 miles a day with no reimbursement???
There is a sociological concept known as “horizontal violence” that happens when a group of people feels opressed and powerless and they take it out on eachother (think gnags and drive-by shootings as an example)…this is what happens with nurses every day!

Nurses are notoriously cruel to each other. As if the working conditions were not bad enough, we have to deal with nurses “eating their own”. Nurses do not realize their power that comes from need and demand, and put up with abysmal conditions.

I’m gone and I will never look back.