Bartending….is all the drama worth it?

I’ve been in the restaurant industry for 10 years now and I’ve seen it all. I’ve bartended at this place in Huntington for like 3 years.

Bartending itself is the easiest job in the whole world….flexible hours, good pay, lots of freedom, but if you get down to it, it’s just serving except your locked behind a counter for 5 hours or so, listening to people, who aren’t in their right minds,ramble about the most annoying bull I’ve ever heard.

Why do people ask you to “hook them up” or “just put a little more liquor in that” etc. ? I don’t know you nor do I owe you anything, liquor isn’t free stupid, if you want more either order a damn double or go home and make it yourself you Alcoholic! Do you go to the gas station and say I have five dollars but can you hook me up with a little more gas? No retard, you don’t.

And will someone please tell all the females that you know that just started to drinkl yesterday that at 12:00am on Friday and Saturday, it is of the upmost annoyance to any bartender who has a crowd 5 people deep all the way around their bar when someone orders a blended strawberry pina colada and then a blended rasberry margarita etc…..HOW MANY BLENDERS DO YOU THINK WE HAVE!!!! This ain’t Starbucks kiddo!!!

And knock off the “Can I have one bud light bottle and can you just run my card for that?” Have you ever heard of an ATM dillhole? Also, have your frickin money out and ready, I don’t have time for you to pull money from your piggy bank and then you realize you don’t have enough to pay for the forty people behind you that you ordered for and kept making me run back to my well to make 17 apple martinis, one at a time when I could have got it done in 30 seconds had you BEEN READY TO ORDER WHEN YOU APPROACHED THE BAR.

Oh yeah, and don’t wave me down, snap, yell “hey you waitress girl” or “HEY, all I need is a shot of tequila” because even though your drunk ass may not realize it, every bartender has a method to their madness, and if you happened to be getting skipped alot, maybe it had something to do with any of my prior staments or it was the 0.25 cent tip you left the last time….trust me we remember….ALL OF THESE THINGS.

AAAHHH!!! I feel so much better having said that