HELL…..Kids Amusement Park Job

I worked at a kids amusement park for a year. Before this job, I worked at a popcorn place. I got this job on a whim because I filled out an application as a joke :P

This job, obviously, is HELL. Kids throw up on you, parents YELL at you 24/7, there’s always long line ups, and people yelling, being impatient, etc.

I hated that I operate rides ALONE, when I’m social and would prefer to be talking to people. This job made me sad. This park also likes to give inadequate training and forces you to operate rides even if you feel you aren’t trained enough to do it!

There is no sense of accomplishment. This park was absoloutly filthy and when we would have to clean out the ballpit (kid pees in there), we would just let the kids soak up the pee with their socks! Gross!

My supervisors SUCKED, they would also lie and steal. My boss was CRAZY. We would have these team meetings and she was a wacko at them. Those meetings were pointless.

The christmas gift given to us was a useless mini clock that was supposed to be “elegant”. What does a highschool student need with an elegant clock?

The hours were bad, the shifts were long and I was made to stand for over 8 hours a day. Rediculous! I’m glad i’m not working there anymore.

Not only that but safety was corrupt and the supervisors were REALLY corrupt and pompous!