General Medical Unit Nurse….driven to dislike people

I have been an RN for two years now. I officially hate it.

I’m working on a general medical unit. The pay is good, but the job is driving me to DISLIKE PEOPLE IN GENERAL. I am a kind, helpful, nice person, but I don’t like what this profession is turning me into. I’m irritable and jaded towards mankind…

I’m tired of being treated like a maid, I’m tired of the revolving door that hospitals are (seeing the same patients come back week after week and never get better), I’m tired of people with self-inflicted injuries bitch and whine and take it out on me, I’m tired of patients who are drama queens and refuse to do things for themselves even though they are capable, I’m tired of the abuse of the system (this is Canada — no one is denied access to health care), I’m tired of babysitting demented elderly people while they wait for months and months to get into nursing homes, I’m tired of call bell abusers (ie. people who ring every ten minutes all night long to know what time it is or to ask me to adjust their blankets), I’m tired of working in a system that is falling apart and barely functioning at all, I’m tired of not feeling valued by my employer, I’m tired of chasing after the other disciplines (physio, pharmacy) to make sure they do their jobs (another form of babysitting, I guess), I’m tired of having to do things that violate my conscience (ethically) to pacify my patient’s unrealistic family members, and I’m tired of the constant stress of the job.

Don’t get me wrong, some of my coworkers love nursing in spite of the things that I just mentioned, but it’s clearly not for me. I feel bad that I put in the time and effort and money to get here and now I’m unhappy. I should have listened to my gut feeling that nursing was all wrong for me when I was in school. At the same time, through this experience I have been challenged greatly and grown as a person in ways that I never would of if I had picked an easier job. So I think in the end I’m going to stick it out for a couple more years until the student loans are paid back, try to find a job in nursing that I like a little bit more, and then eventually make a career change.