administrative assistant in coupon book sales……The Worst Co Worker EVER!

When I first began working as an administrative assistant to several account executives at a nationally known fundraising company, I found the job fun and exciting. I had been working for the company about a year and was offered a promotion. It was a new position within the company and was still being “thought-out”. Another woman from out of state was transfered into our St.Louis office to be the “lead” AE. She was a little intimidating because of how loud, obnoxious and overly honest she could be.

Things were fine until one day, she began having troubles with her pregnancy and needed to take her maternity leave early. With only a weeks notice, I was asked to “take her place” and care for her accounts with only 1 weeks training. I am NOT a sales person, I don’t like to lie to sell and I don’t think I am good at committing someone to buy something that they obviousely don’t need or want. This job consisted of going into schools and speaking to the students about raising money by selling coupon books. Sounds easy enough…but this was a “you take our product and pay us after you sell it”..YEAH RIGHT!

I found out the hard way that even the kindest PTO mom and students don’t always cough up the cash..they’ll even try to dig up a reason to not pay for the books…kinda pathetic. Needless to say, I survived the entire 4-5 months until “she” returned to work. I expected and would have appreciated a “thank you” for babysitting her accounts and working my ass off on a job I had no experience at. I admit, I had a difficult time collecting money and some schools just didnt want to do the program again..I AM NOT A SALES PERSON!

She was the most ungreatful, hateful, childish bitch I have ever had the pleasure to be around. She would openly make comments to others about how I lost her so much commission and how I pissed off all her sweet PTO moms, yada,yada,yada..Considering I only lost 2 accounts out of over 100..I was proud of myself! Screw her I thought…but unfortunatley she kept it coming and coming and coming..she went out of her way to make me miserable, talk about me, laugh at me…then of all things, she would tell me that I caused her to suffer financially and how was she going to make up the lost money…boo-hoo, maybe next time you should find someone with sales experience to cover your ass. (sorry).

I spoke to our out of state manager whom was very dissappointed with the way she was treating me and he even caught glimpses of her attitude towards me when he would come in town to visit. After several months, I took a leave of absense to get myself together mentally..I was depressed, but didn’t think she was the cause, she was more of the trigger..nobody wantes to hear people laugh at them and giggle and talk down to them, just because one bitchy rooster rules the roost. A month later and several bottles of prescribed anti-depressants…..I was feeling better than ever and decided to walk in with a new attitude towards her and everyone else. My new focus was to go into work, kick some butt by working as hard as ever and not paying one ounce of attention to her or anyone that “hung” with her. It worked like a charm…Our office won a trip to Mexico and after the wonderful trip..I quit..I was done with her and the company…any company that openly tells you that they disagree with the way she was acting, but wouldn’t “let her go” because she was the top money maker in the office..can kiss my ***,

I have an awesome job now, my slary went up nearly 10,000 a year and I LOVE my co-workers…they are mature adults and don’t mind that I’m skinnier than they are…(that was my husbands analogy as to why she hated me)…whatever..don’t work in St. Louis selling coupon books or you just might have the pleasure of meeting the bitch.