I may cut someones ear off!!!….supercuts hairstylist

Hey all, luv the site, heres my story,I started at supercuts as soon as I got out of school, I worked there for about a year, things were going great

….then one of the staff members kept coming in in the middle of the night stealing the float. As well as the original owners ripped off the employees, (i didnt get my last paycheck).

Anyhow, I floated around salons for a while when the manager called in a panic saying that Supercuts is corporate and there are only two girls at the shop. I was attending college so I went back, well throughout the past two years we have went through 5 managers, 12 staff members….. one was fired for abusing a customer, another for stealing, and throughout this time I was working with these girls withought a manager for two months.

I would be the only one cleaning, actually I really was the only one who did ANYTHING in that damn store. Now I work with a 92 pound hip hop chick who cant pick up a mop cause it makes her dizzy, and a 400 pound manager, (its her first week).

What I found about all these managers, is that they are like dogs, they have to piss on everything to show they are boss. Supercuts pays shit, if you do really fast haircuts all day for two weeks youll make a commision, but all this time working I havent hit it, Plus we are located in a bad area, so we have break ins, drunks, weirdos.

The last two months has been only me and another girl, we are open from 9-9.
So we work alone constantly and still have managed to keep the sales up. But the new manager comes and says this place is disgusting, customers have complained about the mess. Well what the hell do you expect when I am the only one cleaning, and cutting snobby peoples hair.

“I only get my sons hair cut here, I would never get my hair cut here” “Just dont fuck it up” “Because the hair cut is so cheap, do you give a cheap haircut?”

Thanxs for letting me vent, I understand this story is very unorganized,and bitchy, but thats what those flourescent lights at supercuts did to me. It makes me crazy!