Put me in the McDonalds I’m lovin it Commercial…NOT….McDonald’s worker

I feel that my job at McDonalds has it’s good times and bad times. One of the best and worst thing about McDonald’s is its customers.

We can have the nicest customers in the world, and also the rudest and meanest. The managers that I have worked with were great. Sure, they can get grumpy sometimes, but who doesn’t after being cursed at by a customer? Also, the pressure to keep the drive-thru times down can really get to a shift manager. Then you have lazy employees etc, etc.

McDonalds is one of the most unorganized, noisiest, and stressful places that I have ever worked at. The work schedule can be very confusing because they go by military time and not everyone knows military time.

This can be especially confusing when you are new. Lots of new crew end up being fired because they would come in at the wrong time. Another thing is the way McDonalds seems to give promotions. I have worked at McDonalds for 3 years, and I am still crew! I have seen others come in and be moved right up to crew trainer. I have trained crew, but never gotten the title, hence did not get paid for it.