all about the money……home health aide

I have been a home health aide for 12 years and up to a year or so ago I enjoyed my job greatly. Alas, my agency, which was a not for profit became a for profit spin off, the downhill spiral began then.

All that matters to the incompetent managment is money. The scheduler they have, if you can describe the woman as such, is clueless. 25 aides and nothing but complaints about double bookings, people in hospital for a week that are still being scheduled even though the office has been told 3or 4 times that the patient is in hospital. sending people miles and miles away from their homes even thought there are patients in the same town they live in.

When the stupidity is brought up to the “superviser” her ususal response is “that is unnacceptable” followed by a quick doing of nothing.

Patients complain It is their fault
nurses complain it is their fault
aides complain it is their fault
families complain it is their fault

It is very disheartening to see a fine agency, which is what we were, turn into a steaming piece of $%##@$%?! which is what we have become.