Yet Another Mcdonalds Story…crew members

Yes you guessed it, I work at Mcdonalds as a Crew Member, I’m 18 and in college, I’m from the UK .

From everything I have read on this site from ofher people that work at Mcdonalds, I understand totally what you are going though and can i say that around the world it is the same!

I think the main thing I hate about working at Mcdonalds is the way that we are treated with disrespect not just by management but by the customer, many think that you are stupid and talk really slowly like we are retarded or something, the slightest mistake that you make they they shout at you and make you feel stupid but on the ofher hand a few of the customer are very respectful towards you.

Now I will get on what is wrong with the store that i work at, the main problem is store managers they have to try and save labour all the time and dont put many staff on any shifts this makes it nearly impossable to provide a good service to the customers and the store manager allways is complaining about the service that we give. I think they need to think about what is more important a having satisfied customers and getting more profit or having customers that are pissed off and will never come back.

Now Mcdonalds like to boast alot about their supposed Good “Training” ok mcdonalds do not train anyone properly. well not at the store that i work at, the managers complain that people dont know how to do anything well that because they havent been trained to do it. I have worked at mcdoanlds for nearly two years now since i was 16 and i havent even made a big mac yet thats because i havent been trained up in kitchen, its kinda ridiculas if you think about it.

I could write more than this about it but its all the same as what every one else has sed on this site about mcdoanlds so this is it for now!