Graphic Designer….doing what I want to do.

By title, I’m a graphic designer…it’s a generic title….Creative
services is one aspect of what I do. The job title is to initiate, design and then produce
a deliverable product to a playing client….or a service…I do this in New York, with
occasional trips. The quality of work varies from simple on screen presentations to
elaborate print media to new media elements such as web page graphics and database

Before this, I was a student in college. I took it because..<pause to
think>….my foot in the door was coordinating, trafficing, etc, not what I’m doing
now…..I figured it was the best route to do what I wanted to do and what I studied in
school…graphic design. I’ve been doing it 2 years to the day…..Indeed, I just got an
acknowledgement where I got an emailed graphic of a card I designed. A project which they
had me working on which turned out to be for me.

I like my job…it’s fulfilling to be in an enjoyable work environment and
to do what I planned on doing when I thought about getting a real job. I enjoy seeing a
project through from beginning to end…seeing how well your expectations are
executed…you know, your beginning to end expectations.

I don’t like the tight deadlines…I develop a lot of stress…and
administrative functions like timekeeping..and materials…keeping tight records of all
aspects of it.

I never think of quiting…perhaps moving in another direction in what I
do, but not quiting, because I like what I do and to quit would mean I would have to find
something 200% better than what I do now…not just a change of venue and I don’t see
anything right now….something like real estate <sigh>

I have a good personal relationship with my boss but I can kind of see
where corporations are very cutthroat and I stay out of the politics of it….conflicting
personalities and such….for example, someone would challenge you and your motives
without knowing the whole story and you’d take a personal strike or personal offense to

In 5 years, I want to be situated in mid-career path, whether that be
taking the high end of what I do now or be it something entirely new in terms of
experience and exposure. 30 years from now?….too far away….