bored and lacking human interaction… analyst

I know first of all I need to be thankful that I have this job, no matter how much I hate it. It provides me with stable income and security. But days and days I sit in office, totally cut-off from the our-side world. No co-worker, let alone interesting ones. I can spend the whole day without talking to anyone.

For God’s sake I studied a Master’s in Mass Communications! But jobs in this field are hard to find and low-pay. Besides I’m from another country and need to be sponsored for a work visa. Who would want to go through that trouble if they can find other candidates? I had other opportunities but the visa situation has really be a huge hindrance.

I’m always into arts. I like to study languages and write. I’m taking painting classes. My classmates and teacher all praise my paintings and it’s the happiest moment in my life when I paint, because I feel like myself again.

I long to do something creative but this job just saps the creative juice out of me. I try hard to keep that part of me alive. When the weather is nice, I look out from my office window and I see the world in light and shadow. I see colors become brush strokes on my canvas. Yet I have to sit here, do this damn job and waste a good part of my life.

I want to go to art school but can’t afford it. I feel I’m always forced to do something against my natual propensity. I want to use my creativity and have more human interaction. I hate sitting in front of a computer all day, for days and days.