Working at McDonalds Does Not Always Sucks

So I’ve been working at McDonalds for about 9 months now. A couple of my friends worked there and its one of the few year-round jobs here. It took 4 interviews to get the job, which in my opinion is a little much but honestly, I love the job. I’ve gotten employee of the month twice in this time and I’m in the process of being promoted to a crew trainer.

The McDonalds I work at is great. The managers, the crew- everyone. Most of the customers are too, but we get our fair share of assholes as well. Just about everything is excellent about the restaurant and how it is run, with the exception of a lot of old machines and such.

This job has been my best job yet, and for all you people working at McDonalds who hate it, quit complaining and quit already.