Working With Fellow Nurses is Stressful

I hate being a Nurse. I do not hate being a nurse because of the patients -in fact, I love caring for people who are in need. What I hate are the vultures who are my fellow nurses, and I hate dealing with nutty family members. They just go off half-cocked and write down everything you do and then follow you around. It’s fun. I grin and bear the abusive comments from my fellow med/surg coworkers.

Then at the end of the day I have anxiety attacks at home and cry a lot. Fun way to exist. My co-workers love being petty, sabotaging, snippy, rude. When people outside of nursing say “OHHHH, you are in such a rewarding profession” ┬áInwardly, I would love to puke – just like my patients do at times. No one cares that you feel sad, anxious, achy back, pathetically worrying about what garbage my fellow coworkers are planning next (b/c mind you they are not professionals although they did pass their NCLEX exams and are legally nurses).

When I was in nursing school 3 years ago, I hated putting up with the viciousness that came from the clinical instructors, fellow classmates and floor nurses. I hate it about a 100x more now than I did then – well, of course minus the clinical instructors and fellow classmates – now I’m just left with my fellow vulture coworkers that pick all things they do and I do apart! Oh don’t forget if scheduling calls me for doing extra hours they call them (my fellow coworkers to ask them too!!) I accept extra hours and they often refuse extra hours then guess who they gripe at when I work more hours —-me. OR anyone else who accepts extra hours!!! What is wrong with this thinking? If you don’t accept the hours why do you gripe at and make miserable the lives of others who want the extra hours? I don’t quite understand… like most people – I want to pay off my debts :)

G-d I HATE NURSING. I hate my fellow nurses and at times the aides. The nurses are just witches. I think it is just biology that makes the whole system that way – healthcare is run by females and females have an innate tendency to not work together as a team.

I am searching for a new job – not in healthcare :D