robbed at knifepoint…..McDonald’s managment

hi everyone I’am a manager at McDonalds i would have to say there are some good points to working at mcDonalds and some bad ones.

first of all not all managers are a like you can get some really nice ones. what i have to say about alot of managers though is they take to power to there head and think ” hey i can tell you what to do because im a manager”

now im sorry to say that attitude gets you no where but the crew hatting you and never respecting you again.

i love my job i do just as much work as everyone else actually some times more

….until i got robbed last week with a knive to my throat…i thought i was going to die and for what a measly 300 dollars for my life…i dont think so. i managed to get out of there with my life and no injurries but it made me think of how crew thought of managers and i realized you know what i was crew before i know what they think of us.

all im saying is dont give up. i now do alot of extra stuff for my crew such as treat of the weeks where i bring in candy or cake and stuff and give it to the crew i also tke them out either to a movie or bowling. i think you should give your managers a break they have alot other things on there mind as well….oh and another thing dont think the managers dont get in trouble for money missing we all do because we are all a team. even if we didnt take the money.