Making peanuts and getting digits, but life is too short for a job that sucks

I had a job working for a wellknown expensive department
store, i won’t reveal who.

yeh right! Nordstroms.

Anyway, I pretty much
bullshited my way in through the interview, cause we all know that all
they want to hear is a bunch of bullshit. I made myself look good, told
them i was hard working, dependable, honest,reliable, you know, all the

then when i started working, I didn’t do a damn thing, there
really wasn’t anything to do, it was a bum job, making peanuts.

The one
thing and only thing i liked about the job was there were pretty woman
everywhere, most of the time i had a smile on my face. It was a nice

I had two bosses, one was a dipshit, who always had a bug
up his ass, you know those kind of people, and my other boss was a real
cool cat, he’s gay, not that there’s anything wrong with that. there
were alot of gay men who worked there, excluding myself, not that
there’s anything wrong with that.

I worked for two weeks and one
wednesday morning my dipshit, bug up his ass boss tells me i’m going to
have to move faster, I told him that he doesn’t pay me enough to move
faster. That’s when i told him i was done, and that this job was for
the birds.

The only thing i accomplished there was getting a few digits
from some females. And to conclude my story i just want to say that i
don’t regret anything, life is short, if your job sucks quit and find
another one.