Big heartless, rush rush rush corporations…..Bakery Worker

The large industrial bakeries of California pay very well.

The also do not give a damn about your family life. You will find youself working nights and days in the same week. Your time off is frequently cut short with very littl notice.

It is a GO! GO! GO! GO! working condition. The mangement is uder pressure to produce up to or more than 300 loaves of bread a mimnute.

Your children will grow up seeing you sleep because you often will work at night and are too tired on your day off to stay awake. By the way, it is split days off just about EVERYWHERE! Not 2 days off in a row. In any INDUSTRIAL bread bakery you will find several people with missing fingers.

The RUSH RUSH RUSH conditions causes fingers to be cut off by bread slicing machines or dough processing machines called dividers. One janitor was even electrocuted because he had to clean a flouresent light while the curent was on. (Not the foremans fault) it was the fact that safety meetings were never held in that particular bakery that I can remember.. I worked in 4 bakeries over a 21 year period because of Hostile takeovers and mergers and a layoff.