Nursing Has Drained Me…nurse

I typed “i hate nursing” in a search page and came upon this site. Wow, I am not alone. Let me not say that I hate nursing, because it’s a needed job that somebody has to do, I’ve just absolutly hated my experiences in nursing.

I’m a pretty laid back person and I try not to let things stress me out too much. When I was in nursing school, I did my thing and didn’t stress out too, much becaues when I started to work I would get a great internship and have preceptors that would just teach me so much. Yeah Right! My first hospital job out of school(I’m on my second now) was on a small intermediate care unit, not much of an internship, and my preceptor was burnt out to the max. The unit was very understaffed and poorly managed, I remember a few nights being one of only two nurses on the unit and having to be charge, I was a new nurse without an ACLS certificate. It was so scary working there. I literally SURVIVED working there for 7 months.

I dicided to move 2000 miles away to the west coast to a reputable hospital, where I knew I would get my great internship and wonderful preceptor and I would grow to love nursing. WRONG! First of all, I moved from so far away and I didn’t get a bit of help to move. We were promised a 5-month preceptorship which was only 6 weeks, and then we were on our own, in the ICU, all this combined with multiple issues in the unit.

I’ve had some good experiences where i’ve touched people’s lives, but overall I don’t like the job, I’m so drained, emotionally, mentally, physically and everything else. I’m so disappointed with my experiences that I feel my spirit is broken. I have only three months to complete my year here, and then I’m out, but sometimes I just don’t think I could make another day. I think i’m a good person, and I love to help people but this is not for me, this is not at all what I expected, I want to get out so badly, I could hardly hold back the tears.

I don’t want to discourage anyone going into but, I just want to let you know, what you might be getting into. I hope we all can find what makes us happy, until then Take care!