unclean conditions….mcdonalds crew

I work at Mcdonalds in Jacksonville, NC, location Northwestern. I have been working there a month now.

At first I liked it. The crew members accepted me as their friend. I like everyone I work with. BUT. and this is a big BUT. The place is disgusting. Its FILTHY. UNSANITARY. I do not know how it got a sanitary rating over 80%. The frontline counter, walls, and floor are never clean. The McFlurry machine is disgusting. The candy that goes in the mcflurry is left out all day and night. The grill and grill table is unsanitary especially for breakfast when they use real eggs and do not wash anything down after touching the egg. People do not wash their hands when they are supposed to. None of them wear or are even required to wear rubbergloves while making the food or even putting the sandwiches together. They touch the food with their bare hands. All the floors are always mopped but they mop the floors with disgusting, dirty mops. They never clean the mops. So what the point of moping when it makes the floor even more dirty. The bathrooms are a complete disgrace. There is urine and feces all over toilets all the time. Urine stains are all over the floor in both bathrooms.

The playplace is also horrible. The kids socks turn black. Inside the playplace itself is never cleaned or even wiped down. The lobby is never cleaned thoroughly.

This Mcdonalds is completely unsanitary. I want something done about it. This store should either be shut down or under new management. More people should complain to straighten this place out.