Weird rich customers….cashier/salesperson

Where do I start? After the business closed, my boss said that my job had been “so easy” and that jobs “out there” would not be as easy. The store I worked at was independent. I don’t know what it’s like to work at a chain.

But anyhow, my boss never advertised the store, so the customers would come in in spurts. So I’d either have half a day to chill and read and do homework or draw or whatever, or, there’d be an influx of customers, and I’d be at their whim, all of a sudden. It was a supposed “high end” gift shop, so I was catering to mostly rich people. You’re automatically being looked down upon for being a “blue collar” worker, even if you are going to college, (and a lot of people I know out there, actually have college degrees, at such kind of jobs) so, that was a little irritating.

All kinds of weird stuff happened, at my job. I saw first hand the weird, and neurotic perosnalities of a lot of the rich people. I also noticed that a lot of rich people were cheap, but that a lot of people that didn’t seem to have any money would splurge. I had to gift wrap, and that was hard, the only thing is, I’d wrap something for 5 minutes, while my customer stared at it, and they’d wait till I was done, to tell me they didn’t like it.

My boss constantly called me to ask how much the store made, yet she continued to never advertise the store. She gave our customers secret discounts that I wasn’t allowed to give, so customers would come in, and act pissed that I myself could not give the same discounts. I watched weird old people come in and bug me, and never buy anything. Guys who rode motorcycles who knew my boss come in, not buy anything and talk on their cell phones. Anyway, my customers could treat me like crap if they wanted, (because we are “lowly” cashiers, I guess) but you had to I guess, be cheerful.

That’s why I sometimes don’t understand, when I go out to other places, when a cashier is ever being rude to me. I just think how I’ve been a cashier, a lot of times, look them in the eye, and simply laugh. I knew I’d lose my job if I were rude to a customer at all. It’s worth it, to be cheerful to your customers. So you can keep your job, and you end up seeing your customers out at public places. The store eventually closed, because I guess my boss didn’t advertise, and our country was going through an economic crisis, and all..

I have “fond” memories, of wrapping over a hundreds of gifts, I imagine I helped play a part in someone’s happy Christmases, with my cool gift wrapping, and I’ll probably be a cashier at other places too for several year’s more, but I just wish that our customers, would treat us with a little more respect, even if they don’t know better, and, I wish that we could get paid more. At least you get a paycheck. Oh, well.