about my stinking life…medical resident

thank u so much for letting me know how miserable u r in residency. Iam a doctor from asia who got resident status in america through marriage to an american citizen.

i’ve been through hell, the past 8years of my life studying through 5 years of mbbs &3 years of postgraduation, in asia. i hated what i was doing from day 1.i was not cut out for a profession like this. Those 8 years i could’ve travelled, made more friends,learned swimming,bike riding,horse riding, gardening,learned more languages,could’ve read all the non medical literature,could’ve lived life the way i wanted to.I was always someone who wanted the simple pleasures of life &who got easily depressed by pain of any kind. God! if only i knew what i wanted when i was 17.

Yes, that’s when i took the decision to become a doctor.At 17,the only doctor i knew was my dermatologist who treated my acne& who was always talking to my mom about the trips she took to europe with her family.Her job didnt look too painfull.
So i decided to do it ‘coz my dermatologist looked like she had a good life& back in the day i didnt know about many other professions.

Those long night outs i did to cram all those medical terms…it was so painfull it still make me wanna cry.
My friends from high school had jobs, boyfriends(i was so depressed in medical school, i couldnt get close to anyone).Anyway i kept doing it ‘coz i didnt want to be a dropout and dissapoint my parents& since i kept passing out each year without a problem, nobody knew what i was going through. After all those years of studying, i came out of medschool, a pessimist with broken spirits, hating this profession. I was looking for a way out.My dad was a billionair back in my country& was someone with a good reputation.I didnt want to stay back in my country &let my father know i was not gonna be a doctor. So i deciced to leave the country, come to states &start a new life. I was going against my fathers’ wishes of getting married to doctor back in my country& setting up a clinic.

I chose an engineer from America .So at last I’m all ready to start a new life fresh from the start, ready to start working a job that is less stressfull &will give me time to do the things i’ve always wanted to. But there is the problem. I’ve been ‘married to my husbands’ family’. veryone is eager to know when iam giving the usmle.I’ve managed to convince my husband to let me do something other than medicine.What about my mother in law& all my husbands’uncles& aunties