Dealing with a Quarter Life Job Crisis

I am currently in what they call the quarter life crisis. My current job has no direction, corporate America sucks, and I am wondering what the hell am I going to do with the rest of my life. Sure, I have a pretty decent job at the moment, pays a decent amount. I can pay the bills, support a lifestyle on my own, an above average one at that, but I wonder where corporate America is taking me. I can’t see myself doing financial work for the rest of my life. And the type of work I am in at the moment, is location specific, not too much demand for it in other parts of the country/world if I ever were to relocate. So this is where I narrow down on Nursing as a career choice. Criticize me if you must for choosing nursing so hastily without much passion. Here are the determining factors: 1) respectable profession 2) industry security 3) relatively easy to obtain nursing degree

I pretty much came to this “thought” few days ago, and of course I will have to do more thought, but if anyone could shed some light, what are good nursing schools to apply to around Washington DC and/or Illinois area?

My dilemma is, I’d like to be a nurse ASAP. I still have undergrad to finish, but I started in finance. So to obtain a BSN seems like it will take me forever, to complete the prerequisite courses just to enter BSN program.

So would the shortest route be: get associates/certificate/diploma in nursing, and then eventually get BSN? Again, I don’t know too much about nursing, but its a profession I would like to seriously consider.

Thanks in advance..