I hate my job!…..baskin robbins worker

I have worked at Baskin Robbins for almost two years now. I am not going to say which one, or the owner to keep myself out of trouble while I am still employed there, but all I can say is that I cannot wait to get out. I admit, it is a rather “high schoolish” job, and it is very easy to move up on the job scale from this level, but I have not found anything yet. What I do, at this so-called “31nderful world” is do the same thing everyday, for our little tiny five hour shifts. Cup or cone? Sugar or plain? Whip cream and cinnamon? Would you like a lid?” ect., ect., ect.

Now one might say that you ask questions in any position, but I can understand “indoor or outdoor seating?” But this is common sense people!! Don’t tell me that you want a scoop in a cup!! What kind of ice cream do you want moron?? If you are looking at the sizes, (we have regular and large, no medium…) why are you going to tell me a medium? Or ask me what size cups we have for our ice cream?? We are not coldstone… you tell us how many scoops, and how you want it… that’s it, it may sound very complicated to all the incompitent customers that come in, but I assure you, those of you smart people that have been into a local Baskin Robbins, it is really not that difficult.

After these brilliant people make it through this long and diffucult process, they sit down with their children (might I add, that they have had their small toddlers and babies sit on the counter while you complete their order… just a clue to all these people DON’T DO IT!!! IT IS EXTREMELY UNSANITARY, I DON’T CARE HOW CLEAN YOU THINK YOUR BABY IS!!) and proceed to let them run wild, behind the counter, and they perceive it as cute, when we are annoyed while trying to deal with the newest idiot to come into our store.

What might have I left out? The boss!! Oh…the boss… many people who visit Subway, McDonalds, Baskin Robbins, ect. notice that most of the employers are of middle-eastern decent. My boss fits into this category, and to him, his background includes the thought that all women are stupid. Nevermind that I have worked for this man for TWO YEARS, he still calls me every time we defrost, and reminds me that I need to turn OFF the freezer when we are done… Duh? He will go on and on, repeating several things that he has already gone over SEVERAL times, as if it were the first time he had mentioned it. It is extremely frustrating, but I have overcome these lectures with one simple plan, I act like I am the dumbest person he has ever met, I don’t say a word, and it gets him to shut up faster. That is the trick!

Lastly, the pay… you go through all this frustration, for two weeks, and then the paycheck comes. This, to most people is the day when it is all worth it, all the customers, the screaming kids, nope. Not to me. It is a huge let down knowing that in two years, and becoming manager, I only make 60 cents over minimum wage. Yes that’s right… only 60 cents. 10 cents at your one year mark people! How exciting right?? Nope… slap in the face.

I am going to stop complaining to you now, but might I make one suggestion before I leave you? Never work at Baskin Robbins, find a job that give you at least a 25 cent raise when you deserve it? Because as you already know, Baskin Robbins leads you nowhere. Thank you for your time.