McJob… Crew prospective

Reading all these entry i suppose made me realize more about my job at mcdonalds. I can see many people have it worst off than i do.

I work at a McDonalds in Michigan, and while the job can be dirty, stressful, and rough at times… i’ve never boiled up to the point of quitting yet. I suppose the McDonalds i work at has pretty good management, and crew. Here’s my story…

When i turned 16 i was in desperate search of a job… i searched and applied everywhere… i recieved two calls… one from Taco Bell, and another from McDonalds… Taco Bell had an open interview session a few days later, and McDonalds asked for an interview the very next day. I went to the interview, and to my supprise, was hired on the spot. I was asked to come in that day for orintation. My first day of work was a 3 hour shift… i was put on the almighty fries… i wasn’t trained, i just kinda figured it out. I was never really “trained” on anything… mostly picked things up by watching other people doing it, or having someone by me to help me if i was stuck. My 4th or 5th day working their, i figured out front counter. as some of you working their may know, learning front counter is a lot more than just punching some buttons on a computer… you have grill orders (big mac with extra mac sauce, light onion, extra pickle, on a reg bun, without cheese, etc) people are picky. While assure their order is accurate, you have to assure yourself if you do screw up, that you’ll be able to scream at grill in time for them to fix it, that is… if the grill team isn’t bad for the day. after orders, you have to, most of the time, fill them… thats another mess sometimes. After conquering f.c. i was put in grill, and i did meats… meats is a pretty easy job… as long as you can stand a little heat. to this day, i still do sometimes that aren’t required, but things i feel are more sanitary… I.E. draining the meats of grease before they go in the heat slots, changing the meat trays bottom EVERYTIME i get new meats, etc… while doing meats, i picked up doing table as well, which is where you make the food. Its a fast pace and often messy job, but depending on my mood, can often be my favorite place. After that i was introduced to drive thru. Our drive thru is controlled by a speaker system, and we have two windows, the first window you can work is called backcash… where you take the money and take the orders at drive through, the second window is front drive, where you hand out the food for drive thru. I was first put on front drive. I really don’t like front drive unless i have a runner (someone who gets the food for you) The Mickey D’s i work at is really consitrated on their times, so i have to constantly keep my finger on the “serve” button. Some of you may know how that feels. You also have to get drinks, and check orders… it can be fusterating. After about 2 months of working their, and getting everything i was put on backcash. I think anyone who has worked at a two window, telecom mcdonalds and has worked all stations will tell you the most mentally challanging job is backcash. You have to learn a new skill, taking money for one order, while listening to another order, and memorizing it so you can punch it in after getting the cash. It can be hard, espically if you have a customer at the drive thru who wants to be a prick and go fast, and have a grill order on EVERYTHING. It’s very stressful.

I guess overall… i like my job at mcdonalds… I read the story about the boy getting “hooked” on working their, and i can relate… i’ve worked their for 8 months now. I’m interested in hearing from some other mcdonald’s employees… please email me at