Nightclub bouncer to general manager…..I Love my damn job

I have been in the Nightclub business for 10 years now and I’m 27 years old. I started out as a bouncer at the age of 17. I applied for a job at MTV for security and lied on my application.

The guy who interviewed me liked the fact i was a college football player on scholarship. He thought it would bring the girls in (I don’t know why he thought that, I was a lineman?!) So there I was 17 working the Red Carpet at a nightclub.

It was crazy…in the first 3 months I was shot at 3 times, knocked out twice, and put a guy in a coma, and subsequently got myself and MTV sued for over a million dollars. I moved back down to florida and started working the Clubs around Miami and Tampa.

Once again I found myself in similar predicaments (I have been sued 5 times, and shot at numerous times). Through all of my trying times I knew this was still the business for me. 2 years ago I was given the chance of a lifetime….to be the General Manager of my own club. I must say I was right, this is definetly the business for me.

I have double our attendance and doubled our revenue and all the stories you hear about the nightlife are true….it’s crazy!!! The hours, the deals, the people, the power, the money….Because of this business I have done and seen more by the age of 27 than most people do in their entire lives and because of that…I LOVE MY DAMN JOB!!!