Big City Banking….no room for creativity.

The official title for my job was financial officer for the International income
group in the management accounting area….I worked in NYC. Before this job, I worked for the same company, just in a different department and before that, I was in school.

How did I get the job?….I interviewed for it…ok, well originally, they had a job fair…more detail? there was this job fair…I interviewed for it and I got the job. Initially, it was working in a bilingual department and that’s why I got it. I took it because I needed a job and I thought I wanted to go into Banking…I was a business major. I really wasn’t that focused on my career goals.

I worked there for 5 years, the last year and a half in the international income group. Initially, I was satisfied….satisfied, I wouldn’t say I was happy…even when I took it, I knew I was in the wrong field. It became worse…it became more apparent to me that I had to switch careers and I hated what I was doing.

There was a woman who I worked for who made quiting easy for me…she was my bosses boss and she was very tough to deal with…very demanding…never satisfied…that kind of helped the decision.  Initially, I liked the facts that it dealt with emerging markets…it was interesting to see….just how interelated our economies were…how one country can affect another….I also was exposed to the trading environment. That was kind of interesting, seeing how they worked.

However, I rarely got a sense of accomplishment….my bosses boss was never satisfied with what I did….Once you learn what you do, it’s very repetetive…mundane..umm…theres no room for creativity..there’s….being an individual at a bank..(shakes head)…you just gotta conform…a very stale environment. That and the woman is why I quit…I didn’t have anything planned out, but I knew I had to make a change and I wanted to use my cultural background…language skills and do more marketing.

I liked my immediate boss…great guy….

In 5 years…(laughs)…I wish I knew…I really do. I’m just trying to try new things out right now….I want to be involved where I can use my language. I’m not really sure what kind of business.

In 30 years? Hopefully married and kids….