male nurse…..we need a union!

I am a male nurse with 3 years as an RN. I previously worked as a Cardiovascular tech for 6 years before completing my nursing degree. M

y issue with the general theme of the comments I have read here is that everyone wants to complain, but nobody is will to take a stand. You know why teachers work 9 months a year, have wonderful retirements, and have REAL pay increases for experience and educational advancement? One word: UNIONS!!!!

If we act together and forget the limp ANA and other emasculated nursing spokespeople we might collectively make a difference.

No, I don’t want to be a part of the Teamsters, however we do need collective bargaining power on a national level. The time to act is now. Don’t run down a wonderful profession–help make it what it should be; a collection of professionals acting accordingly.

Legal organization is our best hope. People in my area of the country vie to become part of the electrician’s or pipe fitter’s unions due to the security and long-term prosperity that a rewarding career should provide. Come on–let’s pull together. email: tnurse99@aol with ideas.