New York High School Teacher…….rude kids and dangerous buildings

I have been a New York City High School teacher for almost four years. I have been considering quitting for nearly three.

I was in healthcare public relations before this and took this job because I thought I could make a difference in the lives of inner-city children. I was wrong.

Despite the public perception that teaching is cushy, it is by far the most difficult job I have had in my 15 years of professional employment. The hours are long, the kids rude, the buildings dangerous. The administration- inept at best.

I have allowed union reps and administrators to talk me out of quitting every year since I have started. I am going back to public relations. Maybe in the non-for-profit sector I can make a difference where am not afraid to go to work in the mornning.

Big respect for all the 20+ year vets- you are truly special.