Target Department Store worker…….Only Good In The Beginning

I worked at Target for a little over a year & things were going well. After I got my first pay raise, things got slightly turbulent. After my second pay raise, things got even more turbulent.

I talked with other people in the store about this, and they could not figure this out. Later on I put 2 and 2 together, and this was a scheme trying to get me to quit. I knew they were pulling shenangans, but I could never prove it. I tried to hold on after all these unjust reprimands, but couldn’t.

However, I did retaliate – I walked out and did this inconspicuosly. I know others would have retaliated by using abusive language, employee theft, fists, weapons, graffiti, etc. But I didn’t! I retaliated peacefully – also I spread the word about working at Target. For some bosses you can’t do enough for them, and they won’t listen to explanations. Those kind are worthless!

About 2 hours after I walked out, the boss called and left a message. I did not return the bosses call, because I disliked that person, and why give the rats the key to the cheese factory? He was a totally worthless boss as well as 2 others (the drill sargent type).

All the time I was at Target, I came in on time, did what I was told, & never gave anyone any grief. But that was not good enough. So, to make a long story short or a short story long, is that I’m glad I am out of the Hostile Working Environment and away from 3 worthless bosses. There are always jobs out there that pay low wages, but if I have to work for low wages, I think I deserve peace of mind. I am a retiree and had many hellish days in the factory for over 30 years. I feel I paid my dues to society, and am entitled to the good life.

There are a few poems I made up about worthless bosses:
When a good worker goes above and beyond the call of duty – the worthless boss becomes more moody.
When a good worker gets down to brass tacks – the worthless boss will read ‘em the riot act.
When a good worket gets a raise – the worthless boss will go into a craze.