recruitment agency nurse…….nursing is for idiots

I have been a nurse for 23 years, and I have worked in hospitals-medsurg. psych, longterm care, jails,and clinics and I have come to the conclusion that nursing is for idiots.

I am ashamed to tell you how many jobs that I have had. Most of the the time I have worked at a recruitment agency because i can’t stand the politics of being on staff. I have found no field of nursing that I like, and at 52, it is kind of hard to think about a new career, especially since years of nursing have ruined my back, knees, and hips.

I get so angry when i read the various nursing journals pushing the bsn. I see bsn’s working the floor just like the rest of us. And the nusing magazines telling us that we should be recruiting young people to the field.

I warned my goddaughter not to go into nursing . she has only been a nurse for a year and she is going back to school to bercome a teacher. she asked me how i managed to survive the politics, and the backstabbing for so long. my answer-work for the agency.

I have honestly thought about taking a job in walmart, but i can’t take the long hours of standing. So I just p/u a shift here and there in nursing homes at night, so that i won’t have to be on my feet so much. And then i hate working in nursing homes, because the staffing is bad, the care is bad, a good many of the aids are lazy and the food for the patients is terrible.

Nursing homes are making money at the expense of the patients and staff. I used to be a good nurse, but now i do just enough to provide safe care. my friends taught me this. I was coming home upset about what wasn’t done,what i couldn’t get done, and how much i had to p/u behind other people who had worked 10 doubles a week. my friends said that i cared too much, so i just stopped caring so much. I am truly trying to find another line of work any suggestion?