Pediatric nurse…….Nursing is wonderful!

I have been a pediatric RN for 9 years and I still love my job. I feel sad that there are so many people out there that are so down about nursing.

I know there are hospitals that don’t treat the nurses with the respect they deserve. I feel very lucky in that respect. I work on an Oncology floor at a Children’s Hospital and I love it.

Sure, it’s difficult at times, saddening, heartbreaking, tiring.. but the staff I work with is so great that it makes the difference. We all work well together, we support each other, we give each other time off when we need it and most of all our Manager supports all of us in this same way.

I have seen nurses leave for various reasons only to come back and say what a great place this is to work. I am sorry to see nurses dropping out of nursing when we need them the most, but I wanted to say that not every place may be like the place your at now, and someone may need a nurse like you!